Friday, 19 October 2012

It's Calendar Art Time!

Leave us a comment on the VoiceThread by selecting your name and typing a message or recording your voice.

On your artwork discuss-
The colour you used
The images you chose and why
Your favourite part
What you might change if you did the activity again

On others' discuss-
Their use of colour
What you like best about it

Have fun! ...and convince everyone to buy your calendar!


  1. THe calendars look geat everyone and it looks like you had loads of fun making them. Great idea and I am looking forward to getting my one!

    1. oops sorry about the spelling typo!

  2. Hey Room 5

    What awesome calenders! I love everyone of them, and it's great to see you kids who I taught in Year 4 still working so diligently and using your talents to create outstanding work.

    Keep it up guys!
    From Miss Fredrickson


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